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Urine Remover

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Eliminates unpleasant stains and odors, inside and outside your home.

  • For stains and odors
  • Works on hard and soft surfaces
  • Use it in bathrooms, tiles, carpets, for pet stains and more
  • Bleach-free formula and safe for use in pet areas.

Available In:
  • 32 fl. oz.

About This Product

  1. Turn the nozzle to the ON position.
  2. For stains on upholstery, carpets and mattresses, spray the product directly on the stain until it is completely covered.
  3. Let the product work for 3 minutes.
  4. Absorb excess liquid from the area with a clean damp cloth. If the stains are old or very difficult to remove, it may be necessary to repeat the application.
  5. Keep children and pets away from the sprayed area until it dries. This product is safe to use on all colorfast upholstery, fabrics and carpets, including stain-resistant carpets.
  6. Not for use on silk upholstery, leather, natural marble or brass.








Always remember to read the label before using the product.

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